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When you have two or more computers connected to each other, you have a network. The purpose of a network is to enable the sharing of files and information between multiple systems. The Internet could be described as a global network of networks. Computer networks can be connected through cables, such as Ethernet cables or phone lines, or wirelessly, using wireless networking cards that send and receive data through the air.

Raptor Computers’ highly qualified design and installation team can help build, maintain, or expand your network infrastructure. Raptor Computers can handle all of your voice and data, audio and visual, fiber optic, and security cabling.

Based on each client's requirements, Our web designers, prepares a demo layout or shows some sample design to give you a fair idea of the look, feel and functionality of the Website. Before beginning the actual web site design and development, it is important to understand what goals we want to accomplish and how to accomplish them. Even if it is simple Website featuring only basic information about your enterprise, it is still important that the Website design matches the image and objective of your current and future goals. The demo layout will help you understand how the Web solution will impact the target audience. Once it gets your approval, our Web designers create the entire Website and implement the functionalities you have asked for

Basic for Dynamic Website Development

  • In Dynamic websites one can add and manage anything according to ones desire without anybody else’s help
  • New pages and sections can also be added to the site
  • Management time of the site can be changed
  • Administrator can send emails to its visitors
  • Quoting and estimating sales information can also be handled here
  • Newsletter subscription and product notification can be asked


  • PHP 4 and PHP 5
  • Frameworks (Joomla, Wordpress, Codeigniter, etc.)
  • XML
  • AJAX (MooTools, Jquery)
  • JAVASCRIPT (mootools, jquery)
  • Advanced Flash Action Scripting

Computer software is a general term that describes computer programs. Related terms such as software programs, applications, scripts, and instruction sets all fall under the category of computer software. Therefore, installing new programs or applications on your computer is synonymous with installing new software on your computer.

Raptor Computers has been providing companies with technology solutions for initiatives ranging from custom application development and multi-platform systems integration to complex data-driven web-based applications development as well as database design, systems architecture and commercial software management.

We will work hard with you to find the right solutions for your technology needs.

As an extension of our service, we undertake the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Office Network, Computers, Printers, CCTV’s, Telephones, Business Applications and Training. If anybody wants to sign an AMC with us; please contact us with your requirements in detail.

PC’s are what most of us use on a daily basis for work or personal use. A typical PC includes a system unit, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Most PCs today also have a network or Internet connection, as well as ports for connecting peripheral devices, such as digital cameras, printers, scanners, speakers, external hard drives, and other components.

Telephony is the technology associated with the electronic transmission of voice, fax, or other information between distant parties using systems historically associated with the telephone, a handheld device containing both a speaker or transmitter and a receiver.

Computer Security is the protection of computing systems and the data that they store or access. Protects computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction.

A computer storage device is any type of hardware that stores data. These are used for backing up internal hard drives, storing video or photo libraries, or for simply adding extra storage.

Access Control Products are necessary for the safety of homes, business, buildings, and all forms of institutions. Access Control provides the ability to restrict -how- and -when- a person may enter or exit an area. Access Control Products may be used as simple as an electronic push button controlled door lock to an entire monitored building complex.

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television refers to a visible or covert video system intended for only a limited number of viewers. In Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), the picture is viewed or recorded, but not broadcast. It was initially developed as a means of security for banks and casinos; however, today it has been developed to the point where it is simple and inexpensive enough to be used with Home Security Systems, and for everyday surveillance.

Organizations of all sizes use time and attendance systems to record when employees start and stop work, and the department where the work is performed. However, it’s also common to track meals and breaks, the type of work performed, and the number of items produced. In addition to tracking when employees work, organizations also need to keep tabs on when employees are not working. Vacation time, compensation time, FMLA time, and jury duty must be recorded. Some organizations also keep detailed records of attendance issues such as who calls in sick and who comes in late.